To paraphrase the old quote: "Ask not what your photographer can do for your pictures, but ask what those pictures  can do for you"   Can your photographer make you feel passion, joy, love in the recollection of your day?   Then you chose correctly.   

This little blog post contains some very special memories for me, in the 2-minute short round-up film below.



Now I'll be honest with you about two things:  
- this isn't my newest work
- this isnt my best work

So why blog it?  Because this little film, these couples, these moments, and these shots this still puts the hairs on the back of my neck standing up.  

And that is what your photographer or filmmaker should be doing for you.  They should get all the feels from shooting your wedding, and you should get that too.  

So many lovely couples and so many awesome shoots, and so many emotional memories and moments captured.  From brisk spring engagements, to two-day stately-home wedding films, from romantic summer elopements to firework-friendly Autumn weddings and magical Christmassy Winter weddings.  So much colour, so much fun, so much love.  So much to see, and it's all here on the site.  Spare just a couple of minutes and check out this little film of some of my favourite photographic moments.  Oh, and ... crying? Me, no that's just a bit of grit in my eye....