A classic spring wedding, with classic spring weather.  Well it didn't tip it down.  In fact we were pretty lucky all things considered, for March, though one or two shots may speak a little of lowering gothic clouds.  All in all though, this was one fun, easy, and definitely romantic day for two Hampshire childhood sweethearts. 

While Julie – as resident princess for the day got the bridal suite at the big house for her preparations, Guy and Best man James spent the night in a Premier Inn in Farnham.  Though, speaking as someone who virtually lives in Premier Inn, you can do a lot worse.            

Time was obviously a big motif for Guy, though I don’t think there was ever any chance it would be him and super-organised James who would be the late ones, after all, that’s the bride’s perogative, right?

There’s nothing like a bit of bromance on the morning of the big day, and if Guy was feeling nervous, he didn’t show it too much.  He was feeling nervous, by the way.

I love the natural easy friendship you can see in these guys’ body language.  You can tell they’ve known each other for years and have that trust and bond that only true friends have.

Going for the simple classic contrast of blue and yellow gave Guy a blaze of colour, while still keeping things restrained.

and then it was time to go....

Did I mention gothic lowering storm clouds?  Set within 120 acres of stunning countryside, the privately-owned Grade II listed, eighteenth-century manor house of Northbrook Park  features a beautiful Orangery and  Vine Room, along with tranquil walled gardens and picturesque countryside.   Located near Farnham on the Hampshire/Surrey borders, couples can enjoy beautiful countryside within easy reach of London.  Fountains, walled gardens and peacocks, symbolising good fortune, that roam freely throughout the estate with casual disregard for photographers and newly-weds alike.

Ahead of the bride's car, one young guest shows off the latest in pre-school transport.

The ceremony room is light and spacious, a perfect simple bright canvas to impress your own design and can easily accommodate all but the most massive of wedding ceremonies.

In measured tones of purple and pink, the bridesmaids offered a sophisticated and subtle contrast to the blues and greys of the groom and groomsmen.

While Julie was, of course, resplendent in white.

Remember that thing about the gothic sky?  As a photographer, you can choose to make a feature of it...

Or you can offer up something brighter and more cheerful.  While I like to sometimes over cook a dramatic sky, I always make sure my couples have plenty of choice, and let them opt for what they like best. 

Although there are times and moments when black and white just begs to be the edit of choice.  These few moments below I could see in monochrome long before I got to the edit.  They would still work in colour, but there is something in the tones that begs for a simpler, more contrasty look.

Remember the peacocks?  Not only do they roam freely with scant regard, etc.  But they are not entirely co operative, often refusing to take direction, like the spoiled divas we always suspected they would be.   The only shot we got where the sun was truly giving a nice backlight, for example, this resplendent lady in white was showing us her feathered bottom.  Still, we grabbed this shot, and Julie and Guy helpfully held their kiss for the photographer.

The function room is the old swimming pool - sadly now concreted over.  One can image heady days when party-goers, in the style of It's a Wonderful Life, might have danced the Charlston before throwing themselves fully clothed in the water.  This particular day's events were a little more measured, but still there was plenty of fun and laughter.

Although I did wonder if the band were just a little bit on the young side. 

After some lovely speeches  it was  time for sparklers, cake-cutting and first dance

.... and a few extra couple portrait shots. 

Congratulations Julie and Guy and all the very best for your future together 

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