So often, two is better than one....

Liam and Chloe's wedding at the Woodlands Park Hotel in Cobham, Surrey was a marvellous, sumptuous and romantic affair and a day that entailed some complications in regard to groom and bridal prep.  Chloe decided that a second shooter would be a big bonus, to at least ensure some documenting of groom prep.   It's a choice many couples make, and while many photographers love to work solo, it made me think, what exactly are the plus points to hiring a second shooter.  So here they are, the 36 reasons why you should.

Like myself Susie shoots solo a lot, but there are times when a couple want the best and the most coverage they can get from a day.   Surely one is enough? You may ask.  Well here is some of what you might not get without a second shooter. 


1.  You get more shots of the venue.  While your principal photographer is busy documenting your day and how gorgeous you look, your second is free to shoot your lovely venue

2.  Groom prep.  Sometimes logistics dictate your photographer would have to be in two places at once.

3. Details, details, details

4. Your groomsmen get to act like they’re on an album cover


5. Shots you wouldn’t expect.

6. Giant chess games.  Now that you don’t often expect to get in your wedding album.

7.  you get the groomsmen being fussed over by the groom's mother...

8... you get the GROOM being fussed over by the groom's mother

9... and when Mum is done with them, you get the groomsmen trying to be all tough and reservoir dogs...though I have to admit, they do look kind of cool and rat pack here

10. extra reportage-style moments

11. That sweet moment caught in a second angle.  While your principal photographer is waiting at the end of the aisle, your second is ready to catch that glimpse of bridal anticipation.

12. The view from the back of the aisle

14. We don’t do 13, it’s unlucky, right.  14 is like 12 but closer in

15. The guarantee of the kiss.  It rarely happens, but what if your principal photographer had a camera misfire?  What if that perfect position suddenly became obscured.  You have insurance that your second shooter could still grab the all-important moment.

16. Time.  Your principal photographer usually takes this shot, but what if he or she would prefer to plan ahead the shots to come?

17.  A second shooter means no rushing past you to grab this angle from your principal shooter.

18. A different angle.  This confetti shot won’t have been the best, but it’s still a lovely moment. 

19.  Extra coverage.  This group shot was requested to be from the balcony.  But here, Chloe and Liam also got it covered at ground level.

20. Guest shots.  While your principal photographer is setting up the all-important formal shots and portraits, your second is free to document who was actually there that day. 

21. Silly shots.  You might not want an unplanned group shot with photobomb, then again, like me, you might look back and laugh. 

22. Candid shots. Lots of extra candid shots.

23. moments when guests were off their guard.

24. and unexpected, tender moments. 

25. The view from the other side of the table.

26. Extra bromance – there’s no love like the love between groom and groomsman

27. When tears turn to laughter; a wedding is a highly-charged emotional day, and capturing that fully is what we are all about.

28. When laughter turns to more laughter

29. The most badly-played game of chess I’ve ever seen

30. Sunset.  In a perfect world, we would all be shooting bridal portraits when the sun is setting like this.  Sometimes, due to the order of the day, it just isn’t possible.  We don’t argue with the order of the day.  But it’s still nice to document a pretty sunset

31. When guests go large.

32. Another lens on that all-important first dance

33. Because there’s always room for another photographer, right?

34. Making sure you don’t miss a single moment.

35. Including those moments where you wonder, who is saying what, who is thinking what, what exactly is going on right now?

36. Making the most of every kiss, because that’s what it’s all about.