We had such high hopes, discussing picnics and the sun kissed backdrop of the O2 Arena and Greenwich Park.  How lovely, we thought, it would be to wander amidst the dappled sunlight, past the Observatory, taking a tea by the Thames with a light spring breeze wafting our hair.  Instead we got...


.... a shivering couple, huddling together for warmth beneath a lowering Gothic sky, as the tyrant photographer coerced them into kissing.  We were at least blessed with a beautiful location, the wonderful Greenwich Naval College, with all it's history, it's marvellous architecture.

And clearly Steph and Pete didn't mind too much having to kiss a bit. Hopefully it wasn't just in order to keep warm...

though I think you can tell from these pictures, that this is one couple who are truly in love

One of the best things about shooting weddings and engagements, is meeting couples who are so comfortable and happy with each other, who are building a life together in harmony and  hope.

Can't wait to shoot their wedding at St Mary's Church in Barnes and the reception at the London Wetland's Centre in May.  And with luck, the weather will be a little warmer and dryer.