People ask me which do you prefer, videography or photography, and I’ll be honest - I can’t tell you: I started out as a commercial filmmaker and photographer, directing TV dramas, commercials and promos, and I never could choose. I have an equal love for both.

I love Photography because it’s about catching a split second moment, it’s about trying to distil the essence of a relationship, a mood, a whole day into one image.

I love Videography, Film making, because it’s all about building a story through contrasting and complementary sound and picture - it’s about filming hours of material just to say the simple sentence ‘I love you’    

Both give me the chance to capture he grace of movement, the beauty of emotion, the sense of a person, time or place in a moment, and creating a bespoke product for a discerning clientele. Yes, that’s you.

But we’re here to talk about Videography. So why not click on any blog post below

to watch highlights and even full-length videos of some of my favourite films.