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Special offer - full day's wedding videography and photography from just £1195!

Your wedding day is probably the biggest, most romantic, most memorable day of your life!  You want it documented with style, glamour the luxury, but also with a sense of the fun, the joy and the love.  

But in these uncertain times, many of us are having to keep an eye on budget.

As someone who shoots both stills and video, I am offering a package that can deliver both at an incredibly low starting price of just £1195.

How is this even possible?!

I have been shooting photos and video for 20 years, from TV commercials, and promos, advertising poster campaigns and over 400 weddings. So for me, it’s easy. I have the skills, I have the experience, and I have the equipment.

Whether you're looking for a lavish, sweeping, cinematic film of your day, or a simple documentation, I have packages to suit every budget. But as an introductory offer, I am setting the starting price for fusion photo-videography at £1195, which is a saving of £400 off a standard combined photo and video package price. 



We live in incredibly exciting technological times, where everyone can do just about everything on a tiny little cellphone.

Probably you wouldn’t want your wedding film and photos shot by your friend on a cellphone, it’s true. But the same technology has meant that your wedding photographer can also be your wedding film maker. Provided, that is, he knows how to do both. Making films and taking pictures are of course separate specialist skills, both of which I have been honing for the last twenty years.

Now I’m offering this new product: Just one specialised person to take care of all your wedding visuals. It’s less fuss, less people involved, takes up less time, and most importantly it is less cost. And those savings - in this case a saving of £400 when you book fusion photo-videography at just £1195 - are passed straight onto you. My lovely couple.

Interested in an affordable package of stylish, relaxed, award-winning photography, combined with a fun, simple and cinematic film of your day, at an introductory offer for fusion photo-videography of just £1195?

Then drop me a line and let’s chat about how I can help make your day. Offer is open till the end of November. Let’s talk!

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