Your wedding day is probably the biggest, most romantic, most memorable day of your life so far!  You want a videographer who can capture not only the style, the glamour and the luxury, but also the fun, the joy and the love.   Whether you're looking for a lavish, sweeping, cinematic film of your day, like the two-shooter film above, complete with steadycam and all-day multiple camera coverage or a simple but artistic, creative and emotive documentation, we have packages to suit every budget.



1. Small But Perfectly Formed

One videographer, two cameras, all the magic of your day captured within a very modest budget.

Prices start from: £1095 


2.  Superbly Cinematic 

Two videographers, three cameras, guaranteeing we don't miss a single moment or angle of your unmissable day.

Prices start from: £1395


3. Wedding Music Videos

Known by some as The Marryoke.  It's not for everyone, but for those who get it, it is the most fun a couple - and a videographer - can have with a camera.  Guaranteed laughs, guaranteed to be memorable, and your chance to be the pop star of your own wedding film. 

Prices start from: £500

Whether you're looking for a stunning wedding album,  a stylish, cinematic wedding film, or a complete package of both, why not take a couple of minutes to look at all our photography and videography,  and drop me a line to discuss how I can help.