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Why it pays to book a combined Videography and Photography Wedding package


Why it pays to book a combined Videography and Photography Wedding package

So.  You love each other.

That's a good start.

You’ve made the leap, quite possibly the biggest decision of your life up till now.  You’ve thought about venues and dresses and flowers and suits and cakes and friends and family and the whole nine yards.

Now it’s time to think about your photographer.  Sure you could be lucky and you’re best friends with a star wedding photographer who wants to gift you your album.  Or, of course, you could be luckiest of all, and have already booked me before you started reading this. 

Or you might be almost as lucky and be so clued-up about wedding photography it was one of the first decisions you made.

Chances are though, you’re like over half the couples who start scratching their heads as they plunge into that choppy sea, the Internet.  This photographer looks good, but he doesn’t show his prices.  This one’s great, but my god he’s expensive.  Oh look, this guy’s cheap.  Ah… and I see why. Small wonder, some brides can get a little... overwhelmed, shall we say?

There are thousands of wedding photographers, good bad and… yes sometimes ugly.  They come in all shapes, sizes, styles, price brackets and personalities.

So you choose a good photographer, with a perfect style, with a perfect price, with a perfect personality.  Maybe he’ll even bring some extra confetti and some sparklers in case you’re in the mood for fun shots later in the evening.  I know that’s what I do.

You pay your reservation fee, you book your guy, or gal, you strike that one off the list.

Everything’s sorted.

Or is it?

Because it could be that you’re part of that perfectly normal, perfectly healthy, perfectly sane overwhelmed majority who don’t think about the wedding video.  Because why would you?  Someone will film it on theirphone, right? And you’ve got a photographer, right?

And then you remember what you like to watch in your downtime.  TV. Movies. Shows.  Moving image.  People and dialogue, character and action. 

And you realise that while nothing quite captures the essence and the beauty of a wedding like a great photo, so nothing quite captures the memories, the love, the friends and family who may drift away and who will definitely grow older, nothing captures that like a video.

Don’t worry that you didn’t think about it before.  One in four – yes! - 1 in 4 couples don’t think about having a wedding film till the last minute, or even, at all.

So sure enough, at the last minute, you look around for a videographer, and you discover that yes, they cost as much, and sometimes more than the photographer.  Which of course, you may not have budgeted for. 

And then you find, because you left it to the last minute, that most of the good ones are booked.

So you search and you scrabble around, and usually luck is in, and you find yourself a good one.  Because us videographers, we’re used to that.  We’re used to getting a booking the day before, even the morning of, the wedding.

And your guy, or guys, or gal, or gals, turn up and shoot you a lovely wedding film, and all is well in your world.  Twenty years down the line, you’ll be watching yourself and your friends and families, looking your best, loving and laughing and celebrating, and yes, maybe crying too. 

And you thank your lucky stars you did book that videographer.   


Unless you didn’t book the perfect person, because it was last minute.

Unless you did book the perfect videographer but your photographer didn’t get on with them.

Unless you did book the perfect videographer but somehow didn’t book the perfect photographer, but a talented guy who nonetheless is all over your wedding video like a rash, walking in front of the videographers, pulling rank, blocking their shots.

Or everyone was perfect, but – and this is the killer – it cost you a fortune!

Now these are all the worst case scenarios of course and don’t happen in every other wedding.  But they do happen more than a little.

So here’s why a combined videography and photography package works in your favour.

A videographer or videography team need to be able to work in conjunction with your photographer.  They need to work as one.  We at Delirious Weddings have been shooting weddings all over the UK and abroad for a long time now, and we pride ourselves on always being able to work with photographers seamlessly.  The reason?  Because we are photographers as well.  So we know how photographers think and feel and act.   

But does that mean your photographer will be everything you want?  He may be more inexperienced than you realised.  He may be a brilliant fashion photographer who has never actually shot a wedding – kind of like asking a landscape photographer to go shoot a warzone!   She may be an incredible artist who sadly doesn’t like to collaborate.  And on it goes.

What we at Delirious Weddings offer is a combination of the THREE PERFECT REASONS FOR BOOKING A COMBINED PACKAGE

We can afford to deliver both the film and the photography at a more affordable price, because we are splitting our costs.

We can guarantee a team effort, which means you get a more discrete, calm, perfectly co-ordinated and courteous service.

And most importantly, because we have a shared vision and goal, we can offer an enhanced product both in your photography and your videography.  We’re helping each other out, speaking the same visual and stylistic and technical language.


Because ultimately it's your perfect day, and our aim is to capture that perfect day perfectly, whether your needs are photography, videography or both.