There's a lot of people out there who think they're rock n roll, right?  

Some of them are cool, some of them are not, and most of them are just everyday people who like their music and their clothes and their tats, but basically they're mainstream. 

And then there's Lottie and Dave. 

Real rock n rollas. 

And I tried so hard to make a mainstream wedding film for them, but it just wasn't happening.  Because they actually are the real deal.   Their guests and friends and family comprised musicians and music industry folk.  Lottie's bridesmaids wore black.  Dave's groomsmen sported kilts and tats.  They didnt do a church or a registry office.  They didnt have a marquee or a village vicar or a golf club or a town hall or a vintage car or sparklers, and the day was all the better for it.  About the only really traditional element was Lottie's exquisite, stylish simple white dress. It was truly their day, authentic and true to them.

They kept things simple and stylish and cool.  Apart from the girls' prep at the fashionable MyBloomsbury Hotel in Bedford Square, everything happened in Soho's Union Club on Greek Street in the heart of London's West End, the service, the meal, the reception.  From the  fantastic music selection of live New Orleans blues piano and a dance playlist of eclectic blues, jazz and early rock n roll to the fun-in-the-sun brisk portrait session in Soho's backstreets and alleys, taking in the iconic Borderline club and the guitar stores of Denmark Street, London's original tin-pan alley, the day was truly rock n roll. 

Congratulations Dave and Lottie, it was a total blast!

And as an extra little surprise and thank you for being awesome, I gone done you a little 60 second insta film, if you use it. x










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