Nestling in the tiny hamlet of Oakley in Bedfordshire, The Church of St Mary, which dates back to 1560 is the focal point for the village, sitting comfortably in the sleepy and picturesque English Countryside like a scene reminiscent of a sedate Gainsborough painting.  The River Ouse gently ebbs past it, and all is tranquillity.

Until a wild gang of wedding guests descended upon it with great enthusiasm.  Well, not wild exactly, just really warm, fun and joyful.

And with good reason as this beautiful sunny Saturday in Bedford was given over to gorgeous bride Laura and her handsome groom Michael. 




Radiant in white, Laura’s dress and all accessories were from Ivory and Co – and her shoes were from Rainbow Club.

After a traditional English Church service, it was off to Moreteyne Manor, a lovely, rustic family-run manor-house venue with one of the best restaurants in the area.  16th Century, like the church, the manor house boasts a moat, a marquee, and beautiful secluded gardens.  Aided by some great Sinatra tunes from their wedding singer, the atmosphere was totally relaxed and warm.

A really great day, congratulations Mick and Laura!

Oh, and great speech, Mick :)