Just every now and then you meet a couple who are so much fun, who are so generous and warm, and who's wedding is just so lovely that it is hard to resist the temptation to cut something the first chance you get. 

Dave & Chloe's Chichester Barn Wedding in Southend Barns, West Sussex was such a joyous occasion and we had so much fun, that when a spare hour popped up in my bonkers schedule, I couldn't resist the opportunity to cut something together for them to watch in the departure lounge en route to their honeymoon - a scrambled rough cut with no grading or colour correction or sound mix, not even a proper first edit, but with that one all-important ingredient:  love.  

Now, in all it's full glory, Dave and Chloe's highlights film, along with the full film AND the first dance and party film.  Thanks again guys for a wonderful day, even a cynical old camera filmmaker like me shed a little tear watching this one through.  

Congratulations Dave & Chloe, and wishing you a wonderful life together 




For those who want to see the full ceremony, the full 35 minutes of marriage movie magic, here's the main film below


Oh and here's fifteen minutes of dancing - so much fun, so much energy, so much love, wish I could have stayed longer