So there you are, the morning of your wedding.  Everyone is fussing around you, your mum, your make up girl, your bridesmaids, your hairdresser, the florist, the driver, your dad, the dog.  Even the hamster has gone bonkers.   

The dress is perfect but somehow you don’t feel like you look perfect.  Hours have been spent putting on expensive foundation, perfume, underwear, nail extension, hair extension, probably feels like you’ve built a loft extension, hours spent getting ready but still you don’t feel ready.

Why?  Why is everyone mad?  Why isn’t everything perfect? 


Here’s why

Because getting married is one of the biggest commitment you will ever make .  Everything else, a car, a job, a house you may well sell and buy another one.  Sure you might sell your husband and buy another one, but let’s not go there, my wife tried it and she didn’t get a good price.

So what am I saying here?


I’m saying it is understandable, if not expected, that almost all brides, the morning of the wedding they have looked forward to their whole lives, are overcome with nerves,  with anxiety that threatens to spoil what should be the perfect day. What even is a perfect day? For me it’s taking photos and eating crisps, but that isnt the answer you’re looking for.


The perfect day is the day you designed and planned. It kicks off with the girls getting together, with Bridal prep.  It is my favourite part of the day in many ways.  There is a lovely sense of togetherness, something women like to take their time over, not just the pampering and the gifts, but the sharing, the joking, the glass of champagne with a croissant, the shared organising and helping and supporting and loyalty.  It’s something women excel at.  If only women ran the world!


But in amidst that  there is often this  apprehension that everything must be perfect, and, thanks to that apprehension, the fear that it will not be.   Most grooms also get nervous, which is why they often hit the bar early on.   But I think, much as they like to brave it out, most brides will tell you, as the big moment approaches, so do the butterflies in the stomach



And this is where Bridal Portrait comes in.   Some photographers are very laid back and may not do this.  Others may be very concerned with hitting a certain mark of perfection that is more about their  portfolio than it is about you. I think this moment is all about finding a little piece of peace and quiet and contemplation.


For me, a Bridal Portrait taken during prep should help CREATE a moment of calm.  It is one minute, literally, or maybe two , where I will take my bride aside, near a nice bit of window light and gently advise her to take this moment, to take a few breaths and try not to worry for this little island of time. Look how serene my brides look. You are welcome.


Take a moment.

Breathe in.

And relax.