Shall I tell you secret? Hundreds of weddings and I’ve never had a bridezillla

Or a groomzilla or a momzilla or any other kind of zilla. I hear about these zillas all the time, but it never happens to me.  I feel cheated

Everyone else has had a zilla, why cant I have a zilla?

I worked in advertising for years and for sure I had nightmare clients, difficult bosses, impossible managers

Even then, never a zilla



The truth is how someone is and how we react to them are two different things

Sure I’ve had brides who were tense, distracted, who lost their tempers.  Also grooms, also Mums, Dads and guests.  Not with me but with someone.  Well here’s the surprise – that someone might have deserved it, because a wedding day is a very personal, fraught, expensive experience


It’s the most significant day of your life outside of childbirth.  You are planting your flag and saying here we are.

Your budget might be big or small, but to you it is big.

If you are the bride, no one should be causing you to freak out.  No one should be treating you like just a number, no one should be giving less than 100%


oana romania 1-89.jpg

So yes, I have had brides sending me pinterest boards

Mums asking me to remove shots from a film of a drunk bridesmaid

And Dads asking for more shots of granddad

I have had brides ask (never demand) more group shots than we agreed

I’ve had Mums trying to tell me what to do

I’ve had grooms who don’t want to be photographed, who don’t want to be filmed

I’ve had brides get in a fuss and be an hour late for their own wedding

And you know what?  It was fine. All of it. Totally fine.


Being particular about what you want is perfectly normal, and perfectly fine.  And I try to respect that this day has cost them a year of planning and thousands of pounds of expenditure and that the big part of why I’m there is to document things in a way they will like.


So I say no. Enough of this.

There are no Bridezillas. There are no zillas. There are only people who know what they want and who need to be treated like the valuable, beautiful people they are.

That is all :)