On the big day, you want to know your wedding will be captured with discretion and style.  But there should also be some fun and an element of surprise involved.  As an advertising creative, shooting a wedding is my way of having fun, and bringing my commercial style and eye for composition and light to a different arena where I can offer original and stylish images tailored to your personality, and your budget.   


And whether you're choosing a wedding film, a wedding photographer, or a combination of the two, it is easy to get a bit overwhelmed by all the different options and costs involved.  Another big part of why I got into this business is because I love getting to know people, and also love demystifying how film and photography works.  


Maybe you only want a small part of your wedding on video, maybe you only want a simple  reportage-style photo document, or maybe you want a lavish album and all the Hollywood bells and whistles.  On and on the combinations and possibilities and choices go.  I'm always available to have a no-strings, relaxed chat  about exactly what you want and how to taylor bespoke film and photography for your special day.  You can call on 07932 642 545 or mail me via the form at the bottom of the page. 

Whether you're looking for a stunning wedding album, a simple documentation of the day, a stylish wedding film, or a complete package of all of these things, why not take a couple of minutes to look at the galleries and films on the site and drop me a line to discuss how I can help.

Either call me to have a chat on 07932 642 545 or fill in the form below and mail me your request.  Oh and please do leave a phone number (the form template is American so leave the 0 off the front).  Nothing quite beats having a chat with a human being to get the help and advice you need.



As a producer, director, photographer and creative in film and TV for the last 15 years I am lucky enough to work with some amazing clients, including Sky,  BBC, Sony Entertainment, NBC Universal, ITV, Turner, Viasat, QVC, MTV and many others.   My background gives me the unique freedom to approach wedding photography and videography in a relaxed, professional and fun way, and gives you the opportunity to receive superb, affordable, commercial-quality, contemporary and creative images of your special day. 

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